Stop, and do Reiki!

In Jikiden Reiki, we teach a special technique used only for First Aid: cuts, grazes, bruises, sprains and even burns. It works beautifully and tends to get fast, clean healing results. The bleeding stops more quickly, and sometimes you can literally watch the blood congeal and a crust form in front of your eyes. It’s as if watching the healing process through a time-lapse camera. As a mother, I have plenty of personal experience here using Reiki to deal with the countless scrapes and grazes that come with early childhood.

When my teacher, Tadao Yamaguchi, first started holding Jikiden Reiki seminars at the beginning of the new millennium, he would sometimes ask his brother to come along, so he could use him as an example of Reiki’s power to heal wounds and burns. All four Yamaguchi boys had grown up entirely with their mother’s Reiki only: no medical kits, no medicines, no bandages… just Reiki. Chiyoko had experienced the efficacy of Reiki many times in childhood, for example when first her aunt and then her brother made a full recovery from tuberculosis, which at the time was thought to be incurable. Later, once she had finally been allowed to train in Reiki with Dr. Hayashi as a 17-year-old in 1938, she used Reiki on a daily basis, giving treatments for numerous ailments.

So when her son spilled hot, sticky rice porridge all over his leg, she did not hesitate for even a second. Using Reiki first aid techniques, she treated the main burn until the heat and pain had lessened, coming back to the injury on a daily basis for further ‘regular’ Reiki treatment. The result: clean healing, no scars. Except for the smaller splodges, which at the time, had been left untreated, as Chiyoko had concentrated on the main area of injury. So this is where Tadao sensei’s brother still has the scars to show for his misfortune.

“Stop, and do Reiki” was Chiyoko sensei’s urgent advice in cases of injury. Living in the fast lane, or even just swimming along as best we can in 21st century life, we may be tempted to finish cooking dinner first (when we have burned ourselves on the grill) or perhaps stabbed ourselves with a potato knife. No. Stop, and do Reiki. This is how we get optimal healing results. Once the natural healing process has been allowed to set in unaided, Reiki can still help speed up the healing process, but it may be too late to prevent scarring.

The moral for me goes far beyond wound healing. Actually, what made me think of this blog post was feeling harassed at the numerous domestic and professional demands I place on myself: I must deal with my inbox, too many mails left unanswered, I wonder how my clients are doing, I must catch up with my students in Aberdeenshire, the house is a tip, the ironing pile sky-high,  my facebook page hasn’t been updated, and the next blog post is long overdue. NO! STOP, AND DO REIKI! Which is what I did, and what a difference it makes! Feeling refreshed, I can now enjoy the tasks at hand and act from a place of inspiration.



8 thoughts on “Stop, and do Reiki!

  1. I ALWAYS use this first aid technique of Reiki for my children. My daughter smashed her head against the corner of the furniture and had a huge bump on her fore head. I spend 30minutes doing first aid technique and I could see the swell was shrinking in front of my eyes. My other kids were so surprised that how small the bump is after the Reiki treatment !
    Great writing Gisela, thank you!

  2. As I said, I have frequently used Jikiden first aid techniques for the cuts and grazes when my kids were little, and now it comes in handy for injuries from mountain biking, skating, riding and parkour. I also vividly remember when my then 5year old placed his hand on the hot hob. We gave him Reiki for half an hour (which was hard-going as he was in agony). After that time he was happy as ever, and only a couple of weeks later did we realise that he probably would have had blisters without the Reiki treatment, as the skin then came off.

  3. Oh, and just to be clear: If you or someone in your environment sustains a serious burn or injury, please do seek medical assistance immediately! But if you practise Reiki, you can choose to use Reiki to help you, perhaps while you’re on your way to hospital, or while you’re waiting for medical assistance.

    This actually happened to a Japanese Jikiden Reiki practitioner a couple of years or so ago. He had trapped his hand in a car door and was self-treating on his way to hospital. By the time it took before he was actually seen by a doctor, the area he had managed to treat using his other hand, showed clear signs of wound healing, whereas the areas he couldn’t cover were still as fresh as when the accident happened.

  4. How effective is reiki on the mental front of people who practice it ?? How can one do the second degree reiki effectively???

    • Hi Gaurav, thanks for getting in touch. My experience is that Reiki has clear mental benefits. This starts with the attunements, which can be very helpful with becoming clearer and letting go of one’s ‘stuff’. Regular Reiki practice (on yourself and others) and making time for saying the Gokai (Reiki precepts) on a daily basis (as well as integrating them into one’s life) being equally important. I’ve seen many people (including myself!), changed through Reiki, changed in the sense that Reiki helps to be yourself, who you really are. The second degree also offers valuable tools for working on yourself. In Jikiden Reiki we teach a technique for letting go of deeply held mental patterns and habits that don’t serve us. It is simple and direct, and as it works on your ‘core’, your conscious and your subconscious self, it can be a way of addressing the root-cause of the problem (which we may have no idea about), without having to figure out the story first. Feel free to email me if you would like further information about learning Jikiden Reiki. I’m not sure if there currently are any JIkiden Reiki teachers in India, but I could try to find out for you. Kind regards, gisela

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