Can Reiki help animals?

I am not an animal Reiki specialist, but when a creature in pain or distress comes my way, my heart naturally goes out to them and I’ll give them Reiki.

My first ever animal client was my friend’s little budgie, who was very poorly at the time. I was struck by how animals have such an advantage over humans, as they fully trust their intuition. They don’t need to understand how Reiki works to know that it makes them feel good. Their mind doesn’t seem to get in the way as it can do for some of their two legged counterparts. So this little budgie just sat on my hand unrestrained for half an hour, adjusting its body position according to where it wanted my hand to be. Then flew off back to its cage, exercised its wings vigorously for a couple of minutes and was fine after that.

A young mouse becoming tame with Reiki

Mouse tamed with Reiki

Since then, I’ve been treating friends’ and neighbours’ animals once in a while as and when required; and as a cat owner, I frequently find myself treating mice.  Actually catching mice that our cats have brought into the house and let escape. And the amazing thing is that some of them, in the short time that it takes to catch them and carry them outside again, become tame, especially young mice. I have a video somewhere of a mouse sitting unrestrained in my hands for a few minutes, grooming itself and nibbling on cheese that my children were offering it. One day, when my kids are no longer too embarrassed, I’ll put the video online.

Last year, we also rescued a hedgehog, who had been caught in netting, and after getting care instructions from the vet (you can feed hedgehogs cat food!) nursed it with Reiki. You know how a hedgehog will  curl up to protect itself from enemies. Naturally, this is what our hedgehog initially did. So I curled my Reiki hands round its spiky body, and amazingly, within half an hour or so of doing this, my hedgehog friend became completely tame. No more curling up after that, just inquisitive eyes peering over the edge of the cardboard box to greet me each time.

More recently, because of my daughter’s passion for horses, I’ve also helped out some equine friends occasionally.  One of them, a young curious horse interested in everyone and everything, managed to fall asleep on a busy yard, while I was giving him Reiki for his sweet itch wounds. Trying his best to keep up with what was happening on the yard, he just kept dropping off despite himself! I used Jikiden first aid techniques for his wounds and found that they did dry up considerably. I also found that Reiki helped with a badly swollen joint on a horse, and working with another little pony friend just now, I feel honoured by the trust these graceful creatures seem to have in humans who approach them with Reiki hands, even if otherwise unskilled with horses!

Horses seem to love Reiki

In Jikiden Reiki, we don’t teach how to treat animals because the original teachers didn’t teach this. Having said this, giving animals Reiki treatment seems to work very well and Jikiden Reiki offers the additional advantage of teaching practitioners sensitivity skills in their hands that help with assessing where treatment is needed (byosen sensing). Since an animal can’t tell you where they hurt, being able to asses body feed-back in this way can be enormously helpful.


4 thoughts on “Can Reiki help animals?

    • Dear Christel, you are very welcome to join any of my courses in Scotland (see the training section of this site), or I can check if there is a Jikiden Reiki teacher near you if you tell me your location.

      For course information, please email me through the contact page. Many thanks! Gisela

  1. When I first came to Reiki, my old mare ( gone now) was very curious about it. She stood for hands on for a few moments, then backed off. You could see her thinking about it. She came back to us and “asked” for more, backed away again after a few moments, thought some more, then returned again and was quite insistent . She stood for about 20 minutes with her eyes half closed receiving Reiki. She convinced me that Reiki was real and important. We also treated a foal whose leg had been stepped on. The foal was weak and not eating. After 15 minutes of Reiki, the foal started to nibble on some grain . When we finished his treatment he got up, went to the mare and nursed. The owner had been advised by her vet to put the foal down because he was not eating. We treated the foal 3 more times and he recovered nicely. Grew to be a lovely, sound horse. He did have a lump on his leg from the injury, but he was otherwise just fine.

    • Dear Chris, thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I agree, with most animals I’ve given Reiki there’s an initial moment of surprise: “Oh, what’s this?” And then, when they’ve concluded that it feels good, they’re happy to receive Reiki, and in some cases even wriggle their bodies under your hands in the exact spot that they want it.

      The lovely story about the foal you rescued reminds me of a lamb I treated, which had been trampled on during birth and also recovered fully. I was never quite sure if it would have recovered anyway, but it certainly was very nice to see this limp creature so lively the next day!

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