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Personal Development

Read about the Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for Personal Development

Once trained in Reiki, this is a resource that you have for the rest of your life to use in whichever way you choose: to keep your batteries charged and enjoy life fully, to return to or maintain your own good health, to help out your family and  people close to you, or to become a professional practitioner, giving Reiki treatments to others.
Many people, including myself, find that Reiki has positively changed their life and the lives of those around them. I have become more grounded, much calmer and less easily fazed by anything. I see the funny side in a situation more often, and I am generally enjoying life much more. Many of my students have told me that Reiki has transformed their health in their lives, too.

In so many ways, Reiki is a wonderful tool for personal growth and a gift to anyone touched by it.

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