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Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

How Reiki can help with the current unrest in the world Amanda Jayne's article was first published on her website LearnJikidenReiki in October 2011. Anticipating presidential elections in the US, and in the wake of hurricane Sandy causing untold suffering and...

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Reiki ~ The Most Natural Thing in the World

"Reiki ~ the most natural thing in the world." This is how I would summarise the essence of Jikiden Reiki and the jikiden approach to Reiki. Passing on the teachings of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Reiki is seen as essential, perfect human nature, in harmony with creation....

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Can Reiki help animals?

I am not an animal Reiki specialist, but when a creature in pain or distress comes my way, my heart naturally goes out to them and I'll give them Reiki. My first ever animal client was my friend's little budgie, who was very poorly at the time. I was struck by how...

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