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I’m Gisela Stewart, Jikiden Reiki Shihan and practitioner of 10 years.  Over the course of a decade I have been a dedicated and highly committed advocate for Reiki practice in its original, grounded and practical Japanese form. My business, Simply Jikiden Reiki, provides the vehicle for sharing authentic Japanese Reiki. It is also an official branch of the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto right here in Scotland.



Gisela Stewart Jikiden Reiki Healing Practitioner Scottish Borders
Gisela Stewart Jikiden Reiki Seminar Edinburgh

Having seen the incredible impact Reiki can have on people’s lives countless times for myself, for my family and for numerous clients and students, I am passionate about bringing Reiki well-being to you: through treatments in my clinics or through teaching this beautiful natural healing method in my courses. Jikiden Reiki offers you amazing and accessible tools for returning to and optimising your health.

  • A wonderful, simple, natural  way of melting away stress and tension.
  • Can be used to aid numerous physical and psychological conditions.
  • Simple & natural – stimulates your body’s innate healing response.
  • A great tool for preventive healthcare, promoting balance and resilience.
  • The method is so simple that anyone can learn how to do this.
  • Jikiden Reiki training is comprehensive, down-to-earth and treatment focused.
Gisela Stewart, Jikiden Reiki, Client, Galashiels, Jikiden Reiki Studio

Reiki? Where’s the proof?

I recently published an interview with Tadao Yamaguchi and introduced it to the Reiki community by promising rare insight into traditional Japanese Reiki. One of the readers found themselves disappointed, as, like so many articles on Reiki, we had offered no proof or supporting evidence of what...

Tadao Yamaguchi gives unique insight into Japanese Reiki

Find out why Reiki went underground in Japan, what kind of conditions respond well to Reiki, how to use Reiki to support serious health problems, who is suitable for practising Reiki, how to give the most effective treatments and more…

10 Reasons Why Learning Jikiden Reiki Is So Incredibly Empowering  

Stress: If you’re stressed, anxious or tired all the time, Reiki gives you simple, accessible tools to improve your energy levels and your state of mind. People report unexpected encounters with happiness after Jikiden Reiki sessions! * Low immune system: If you’re run down and find yourself...

What’s with the Baby Buddha? (What’s Reiki got to do with marketing)

“Your Buddha is an amazing brand ambassador, it’s so solid (made of stone), yet gentle and radiating peace. Also humorous and a bit quirky.” Now, that dear friend, made my day! If ‘brand’ is the visual signifier of an essence, of embodied values and aspiration, then my Baby Buddha IS perfect for SimplyJikiden

Looking Back With Gratitude, Moving Forward With Hope

The founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, predicted that Reiki practice would help save the world. As Reiki heals, one person at a time, we learn to care for ourselves, for each other and for the planet. Hopefully in time.

Flying by my own colours

Flying By My Own Colours Recently I stumbled into something precious. Synchronistically. Attracted by unqualified, instinctive resonance. Do you sometimes feel drawn to something without consciously knowing why ...but feeling the pull and trusting it? Finding Reiki was like that for me. I had...

4th annual Jikiden Reiki Seminar with Tadao Yamaguchi in Edinburgh

"What drew me to Jikiden Reiki was the simplicity of the method passed on unchanged from the original teachings, the quality of the theoretical concepts and the Yamaguchis' experience in successfully treating people year after year." AMANDA JAYNE "Jikiden Reiki offers a useful approach for...

Hand Healing: Are you serious?

"I am a traditionalist when it comes to medicine and although I had a vague idea about Reiki, it was not something that I particularly wanted to experience. Reiki to me meant vaguely hippy people with a faint whiff of 1960’s incense. Not so for Jikiden Reiki!" A chance encounter with Jikiden Reiki...

Things I love about Reiki #1

Things I love about Jikiden Reiki...

“[Reiki] has made the most amazing difference, both physically and mentally.  

On every level, I feel lighter.”


Simply Jikiden Reiki client

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“Reiki is not something we want you to think of as special.  It is something that everybody can do that is part of daily life.”

Tadao Yamaguchi

Head of the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan

Tadao Yamaguchi Edinburgh Jikiden Reiki Seminar 2016

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