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What is Jikiden Reiki?

Jikiden Reiki makes a strong effort to keep practice and teaching as faithful as possible to the original methods taught by Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. Jikiden Reiki is pure and simple, using a clear framework for how to use Reiki in the most effective way to enhance the body’s natural healing systems. We place strong emphasis on Reiki as a practical and down-to-earth treatment method. Jikiden Reiki is Reiki as it was originally taught in Japan. It is pure, simple, and extremely effective & has over 65 years of experience behind it.


In the West, we had believed for a long time  that Reiki had died out in Japan. The news that Chiyoko Yamaguchi had learned directly from one of the original teachers, and was willing to share her insights, caused a stir in the Western Reiki world, and I for one am so grateful that we can now have access to the original concepts and the specifically Japanese background of Reiki practice. Reiki with its Japanese roots intact makes so much more sense to me. I am deeply grateful to Chiyoko and Tadao Yamaguchi for sharing their authentic knowledge and deciding to start their Jikiden Reiki seminars in 1999, teaching Westerners for the first time in 2000. ‘Jikiden’ means ‘directly transmitted’ from the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, and Dr Chujiro Hayashi, his student. Pure Japanese Reiki, nothing added, nothing taken away, and taught with the original intentions behind it.

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The Jikiden Reiki Institute aims to bring Energy Healing into the Medical Profession and the Household

  • We are dedicated to promoting the use of Reiki as a first port of call in the household, as a healing tool for injuries as well as common illnesses.
  • We are hoping to bring Reiki to parents and carers, giving them an invaluable tool to boost their children’s health and helping them to deal with the common childhood illnesses in a totally natural way.
  • We aim to bring Reiki into the medical and caring professions as an effective complement to existing medical treatment methods.
  • We train practitioners of other effective complementary therapies, so they can enhance their practice by using Reiki alongside other healing modalities.
  • We are hoping to contribute to a reduction in global medical waste by educating more and more people about natural healing, thus helping the environment.

“The need to keep the Jikiden message really clear has become very real to me recently.  As I have been looking through a plethora of stuff on the internet it makes me really appreciate the integrity of Jikiden Reiki.”

~ E. Rainey, Jikiden Reiki practitioner ~

What I love about Jikiden Reiki

  • Jikiden Reiki is down-to-earth and practical, focused on giving treatments for improved physical and mental/emotional health.
  • The conceptual framework for using energy in order to help the body’s natural healing processes, to me, is clear and convincing (byosen).
  • The tools we use are passed on with their original, culturally and spiritually specific Japanese background: To me, this makes Jikiden Reiki coherent, elegant and trustworthy. No need for making things unnecessarily  mysterious, when they can be so simple and clear.
  • Spirituality, in Jikiden Reiki, is measured by how much it shows up in your every-day life. (Go-kai).
  • The practice seems firmly connected with the intentions and attitudes of  Mikao Usui and Chujiro Hayashi. Aiming to pass on this healing art in its original form as closely as is possible today, there is a rigour and discipline in Jikiden Reiki, which I see as a mark of respect to the original teachers.
  • With Jikiden Reiki, we can draw on over 70 years of experience using Reiki for healing. Chiyoko Yamaguchi has been using Reiki on a daily basis since she first learnt in 1938. Her son Tadao Yamaguchi (born in 1952) also has longstanding experience, which is accessible to us now. I value the quality of support that is available in Jikiden Reiki.




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