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Benefits for Mental Health

Read about the Benefits of Jikiden Reiki for Mental Health

“Wholeness and connectedness are what are most fundamental in our nature as living beings. No matter how many scars we carry about from what we have gone through and suffered in the past, our intrinsic wholeness is still there: what else contains the scars?


“We are also what was present before the scarring, our original wholeness, what was born whole. And we can reconnect up with our intrinsic wholeness at any time because its very nature is that it is always present”.


~ Jon Kabat-Zinn

Simply Jikiden Reiki Share Mental Health

Reiki treatments can be hugely beneficial for anyone in any state of mind.  Yet in my experience, for those who have suffered trauma or even multiple traumas, Reiki has the wonderful capacity to tune us back into, and give access to direct experience of, our innate wholeness.  No matter how much damage we have suffered.

I have seen this in operation when working with adults who had been abused in childhood whilst working alongside a team of healthcare professionals, offering counselling and complementary therapies to in-care-survivors. The opportunity to this valuable work, with people who would normally not have the means to access complementary healthcare, was possible through funding from the charity Open Secret.

Reported benefits ranged from a deep state of relaxation that many clients had never before experienced, including an improved get-up-and-go ability to better face daily challenges.  In a few case, Reiki was very directly able to assist clients in safely release deeply held trauma and helping to free themselves from em-prisoning, and seemingly unbreakable, patterns.

Psychological Treatments


“Having always had ‘eyes bigger than my tummy’  I treated myself with Reiki to stop eating too much.  It feels like magic because I eat enough, and then have to stop.  Even though my mind tells me to finish my plate, or even if it is absolutely delicious (when I would have another spoon too…) I don’t eat any more.”   (Samantha)


The psychological treatment method works on the client’s conscious and subconscious self, where change, which  may otherwise seem difficult, IS possible. Sei Heki treatment has been used successfully to address a huge variety of issues, ranging from minor bad habits such as procrastination, or untidiness, to anger, worry, phobias, depression, stress and anxiety, insomnia, nervousness at speaking in public, eating disorders, smoking or other addictions, the list is potentially endless… Generally, the more long-term the issue, the longer it takes to resolve. Some positive effects can usually be felt from the outset.

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