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Reiki? Where’s the proof?

I recently published an interview with Tadao Yamaguchi and introduced it to the Reiki community by promising rare insight into traditional Japanese Reiki. One of the readers found themselves disappointed, as, like so many articles on Reiki, we had offered no proof or...

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Flying by my own colours

Flying By My Own Colours Recently I stumbled into something precious. Synchronistically. Attracted by unqualified, instinctive resonance. Do you sometimes feel drawn to something without consciously knowing why ...but feeling the pull and trusting it? Finding Reiki...

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Hand Healing: Are you serious?

"I am a traditionalist when it comes to medicine and although I had a vague idea about Reiki, it was not something that I particularly wanted to experience. Reiki to me meant vaguely hippy people with a faint whiff of 1960’s incense. Not so for Jikiden Reiki!" A...

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