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Benefits to Children

Read about the Benefits of Jikiden Reiki in Healing Children

“When my four year old throws a temper tantrum and cannot calm down, I cuddle him and reiki his heart and/or head and he calms down and returns to a pleasant boy in about five minutes. I calm down too, and we can carry on with life. [Also] when my kids get ‘growing pains’ in their knees and legs, reiki fixes it in about five minutes.”

~ Samantha (mother of two)

Reiki can help your child with:


  • Colds, coughs, fever, diarrhea, childhood diseases
  • Relaxation at bedtime
  • Infections
  • Cuts, grazes, bruises and sprains
  • Excema and asthma
  • Night terrors or fears and worries
  • Growing pains
  • Exam nerves
  • After effects of bullying

Children and Medication


Of course, whenever there any warning signs of a serious problem I will always first consult a doctor and I am grateful for their valuable medical knowledge.  In one such case in our family, the doctor was able to inform us that an infected tic bite one of my children had was showing no signs of the more serious Lyme disease, putting my mind to rest.  I was then content to use Reiki to heal the infection in a couple of days, unaided by antibiotics.  Having experienced many times just how effective Reiki is with regards to infections, I had absolute confidence in taking this decision.  However I would always advise to check with a doctor if you are ever unsure about the severity of an issue or illness in your child.  Reiki can be used alongside prescribed medication to aid during the healing process in order to speed things up and ease any side effects. Sometimes though, in my view, we can be a little too quick to resort to the medicine bottle (for example with painkillers such as paracetamol ibuprofen etc.), when the body would actually be better off following its natural healing process.  If you are looking for a way of bringing up your children with minimal use of medication – only when necessary – I can highly recommend Jikiden Reiki as a first aid tool as well as for prolonged sicknesses.

Training Parents and Carers in Reiki


Learning Reiki not only gives you invaluable tools to comfort your children when they are ill or have injured themselves, it can also bring wonderful closeness between you and your child.  Something as simple as giving Reiki at bedtime is wonderful for relaxation and bonding with your child on a deeper level.

I am incredibly grateful to have a tool and to be able to do something practical and effective when one of my children is suffering.

Read this very touching blog post about how my colleague, Mari Okazaki, was able to help her baby daughter with severe eczema – regularly treating her digestive system with Jikiden Reiki to rid her completely of it.

Gisela Stewart Family, Simply Jikiden Reiki

Bringing up my own three children with Reiki


I have been so impressed over the years with Reiki’s ability to speed up the healing process whenever my children had grazed or otherwise injured themselves.  I am incredibly grateful to have such a powerful and natural tool that I can use Reiki to help them when they are in pain or suffering.  I can think of many times when I have used Reiki with them: when in agony in the middle of the night because of an ear infection; when they had colds or viruses, for an infected tic bite; after touching the hot plate, when they were feeling sad and bereft or just generally when tired and irritable… There are too many examples to name when Reiki has been a life saver and when I have been able to use Reiki to ease their pain and heal their wounds without drugs or medication.

Chiyoko Yamaguchi’s Experience


Quite unthinkably for us today, Chiyoko Yamaguchi brought up her children entirely with Reiki only.  In the Yamaguchi household there was no first aid kit to be found: no creams; bandages; or medicines of any kind. Having grown up in a family of Reiki healers, Chiyoko Sensei had experienced first hand the effectiveness of Reiki as a child and into her adult life.  It was then natural for her to use Reiki to help her own family when they, in turn, had illnesses.


Having been a sickly child, Tadao Sensei received great amounts of Reiki from his mother and he is certain that this is the reason for his deep affinity with his mother’s healing art and his passion for sharing it with the world.

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