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Benefits of Jikiden Reiki

Click on the links below to read more about the many benefits of receiving authentic Jikiden Reiki and find out more about some of my experiences in giving Reiki with a variety of clients.

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“When my four year old throws a temper tantrum and cannot calm down, I cuddle him and reiki his heart and/or head and he calms down and returns to a pleasant boy in about five minutes. I calm down too, and we can carry on with life. When my kids get ‘growing pains’ in their knees and legs, reiki fixes it in about five minutes.”

(Samantha, mother of two)

Cancer Patients

“Reiki has greatly contributed to my emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing while facing a life threatening illness. I [want to continue to] use Reiki both to assure my continued good health and to help others.”


Jikiden Reiki Cancer Patients Reiki Share Scotland
Jikiden Reiki Mental Health Reiki Share Scotland

Mental Health

“Wholeness and connectedness are what are most fundamental in our nature as living beings. No matter how many scars we carry about from what we have gone through and suffered in the past, our intrinsic wholeness is still there: what else contains the scars?”



“For anyone with degrees of autism, the smallest change to routine can cause major anxieties.  Reiki seems to have an overall calming effect.”

– Mother of son with autism


Gisela Stewart Jikiden Reiki Disabilities Scotland Scottish Borders
Jikiden Reiki Client Personal Development Hand Healing

Personal Development

“I have become more grounded, much calmer and less easily fazed by anything. I see the funny side in a situation more often, and I am generally enjoying life much more.”

~ Gisela Stewart



“…this little budgie just sat on my hand unrestrained for half an hour, adjusting its body position according to where it wanted my hand to be. Then flew off back to its cage, exercised its wings vigorously for a couple of minutes and was fine after that.”

~ Gisela Stewart.

Jikiden Reiki Animal Health Injury Hand Healinga
Jikiden Reiki Seminar Reiki Share Edinburgh Scotland

Preventative Healthcare

“Jikiden Reiki works by breaking down and aiding the body in eliminating the toxins that are underlying many health conditions. If we address the accumulations of toxins and unhelpful mental states that eventually result in disease at an early stage, we perhaps never need become ill at all.”

~ Gisela Stewart


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