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What to Expect

What happens during a Jikiden Reiki treatment session.

What happens in a Reiki treatment?


A standard treatment normally lasts around 60 minutes, but may be given for up to 90 minutes per session if necessary. The practitioner places their hands on your fully clothed body. We normally start a treatment by giving Reiki to the head for quite a while, and then work in those areas that need Reiki the most. (Note, we do not follow a set of standard hand positions, as is practised in Western Reiki, but immediately go to the hot spots and stay there for as long as is needed). We’re trained to find these areas observing and interpreting the sensations we feel in our hands. In our experience, directing Reiki energy directly to those areas with high accumulations of toxins tends to get fast and effective results.

What will I feel?


Everyone’s experience of Reiki is unique. Most people find Reiki profoundly relaxing. This effect of inner calm often last long after the session is over. Occasionally, deeply held emotions may rise up, or physical symptoms may briefly get worse before they improve. This is a sign that the healing process is working. Usually, this process is very gentle and many clients feel positively energised after a Reiki session.

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