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Gisela Stewart, Jikiden Reiki ShihanFrequently, people ask me how I got into Reiki. Well, how did I get into Reiki? I ask myself the same question, knowing that as a young academic 20 years ago I most certainly would not have had any time for concepts such as ‘chi’, or energy healing.

Reiki came into my life at a moment of profound crisis, the kind of crisis that makes you reassess everything. I had a close shave, contracting one of these really aggressive hospital bugs after the birth of my 3rd child. Late at night, I remember the nurse telling me that they wanted to contact my husband to let him know how things were with me. I said ‘Please don’t, he won’t be able to do anything to help, and he’ll only worry!’ At a deep level,  I must have known that it wasn’t my time yet. At a conscious level, I was so ill that I couldn’t even string simple time sequences together any more, when asked my story yet again by yet another doctor.

It was only later, when I was given my medical report to take home with me to give to my GP, that I fully realised how bad things had been. Being curious by nature, I read the report before passing it on, and the words ‘puerperal sepsis’ stood out. You don’t know what this means? I didn’t either, but thanks to the internet, access to specialist information has become delightfully easy. “Why mothers die” was the headline of a medical article on puerperal sepsis that leapt out at me, and it seemed to summarize my story pretty accurately, in fact so accurately that the medical practice who had not spotted the signs of serious illness until it was nearly too late, held a practice meeting after I had mailed them it.

I don’t hold any grudge against them, in fact I have deep respect for my GP, who had the courage and humility to say he wished things could have been different. I had a hard time forgiving the hospital consultant, who by his accurate assessment and speedy action saved my life (for which I am infinitely grateful!). Why? Because of the imbalance of power, because I felt I was being presented with a sanitized version of events (when I knew the story full well). Which brings me to Reiki. Not how I got into Reiki, but to something I hugely appreciate about Reiki: the sense that in Reiki, the power rests with the client. The therapist merely applies chi in a skilled way so that the client’s own healing process functions more optimally.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a black and white kind of person, and when given the option ‘either – or’, I will usually choose ‘both/and’. I certainly know that medication has its place, and that I owe my survival to a string of potent antibiotics, and to the hospital staff’s professional and dedicated care (which I will never forget). But I do love when under different circumstances, Reiki can empower people to get better simply by stimulating their natural healing response, by helping the body do a little bit better what it’s naturally designed to do anyway.

The story continues here: http://simplyjikidenreiki.co.uk/2012/02/29/well-how-did-i-get-into-reiki-reiki-journey-part-ii/

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